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These are some top tips from the experts on how to craft an opening line that Did you go to the top of the Eiffel Tower? dating app opener.

Their problem is that you treat other women better. That is where the rage appears and the basic fury and shit storms originate. As a metaphor, the cucumber monkey did not measure and weigh how much piece of cucumber the other monkey got as long as it was not blatant, as in giving one the whole thing.

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And this cucumber versus grapes thing is so common in men. Think about the basic rating behavior we men have towards: Ratings, we assign ratings to women. This whole thing of searching for what women want for centuries, writing poems about it, singing songs about it, writing novels about it, is in fact based on our simple evolutionary curse and blessing: First, the generic lazy is the effect of sexual entitlement.

Sexual entitlement in men comes primarily because of mothers of boys. Ten thousand years ago it made sense because they were raising warriors.

The Doormat and the Lazy Lion

This is probably not a very feminist opinion but it is nonetheless accepting the truth of how our society got to this. Mothers of boys, unfortunately, still instill the male privilege into their sons as a means of motivation. It is very likely that a woman that sides with the basic instincts of her son will also be and feel more accepted and loved by her son.

Then there are the other three types of laziness: Emotional laziness comes primarily from fathers of boys. This is probably not a very MRA approved opinion, but it is nonetheless accepting the truth of how our society got to this.

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Ten thousand years ago it made sense because they raised men with few chances to get a woman, so that promise fell on religion and other parts of society to fulfill. It is important to understand that emotional laziness is not about not accepting emotions, nor is it about acting tough. It is effectively about running away from the acknowledgement of the emotional self.

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When fathers cry they act as if it is a solemn activity, a ritual, an unusual occurrence that has to be marked. Lack of confrontation with the emotional self creates the emotional laziness and it is why men keep secrets, why they do not open themselves up in relationships, it is why men and women do not talk about things and instead do all kinds of crazy plans to fend off issues that all life on Earth will pose for everyone. Men are emotionally lazy and this leads to poor sex. A woman will go for far more than we men are conditioned and taught to think, just because they love us and are dedicated to the relationship.

Physical laziness happens because all boys are pampered into maturity by society, plus a horde of well meaning women. Men are physically lazy and, incredibly, this leads to a lazy sexuality. They dream up of all kinds of acrobatics with all kinds of imaginary characters but are made of wood in bed, and not the right kind of wood. This is not bad sex, but bad sexuality, one forged on only taking, never giving, and which forms the bread and butter of the rape culture, the same rape culture we fail to acknowledge while grinding our teeth in indignation, like a kid who has to clean up the room before going out to play.

Intellectual laziness is simply because monogamy and civilization redistributed women. Women will eventually give up, and we know it. I have seen so much desire to be athletic and victorious because that is by default an exemption from the requirement to be smart.

The Last Word: The Doormat and the Lazy Lion

I have also seen how deeply rooted our manly entitlement is, because we imagine that competitiveness is more ingrained in our default behaviors than our sexuality. Intellectual laziness makes poor lovers. Unimaginative men make the bulk of the lover offering in the dating market. Just stop for a moment and think about this: We are fierce lovers of our women.


We love our women more than we love our children. And the crazy ideas we have. Do you know how common this line of thinking is? Do we not see how all spiritual practice and religion keeps prepping people into this lie of dumbing down the masculine sexual confidence and praising the masculine competitive determination? The laziness of men is what turns woman normal behavior into craziness. Men are lazy in relationships, men are lazy with children, men are lazy in marriage, men are lazy with other men too, friendships held together by fear of invalidation.

Man up means pick up that bone sack and put some electricity at work between those two ears. Be a man means not violence and stubbornness.

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A man is in no way whatsoever more endowed by nature to own up to himself than a woman is to own up to herself. To be a man is hardly about bringing the food home or putting the money in the bank or not even about being good with tools, the competitive fear of my kin in the twenty first century of civilization. Be a man means be industrious! Find your energy, enjoy your manhood and stop whining at the feminists about your unfair persecution. Feminism so far appears to be a great effort towards making men use their brains. Overall feminism gives men their much coveted sexual freedom and asking for a little effort of intellect in return.

You should be the more intelligent of the pack to rise up at a level where owning your masculinity will melt the knees of that strong feminist you secretly love so much, but hate like a lion all over the Internets. Powerful men love power more than the woman, and women know it. What did you think of your cohort William? Did you debate switching with him for any of his guys?

William was sincere and I hope he finds love. He was very sweet. As for swap-a-roo'ing with any of his potentials, no thanks. They were picked for him for the right reasons, and not for me. Why did you like Charlie? Was it his Patti-approved haircut? Charlie is cool, masculine, athletic, and fun. His hair was a wild mess, haha. Patti helped that lion mane indeed, but he still needs a spritz or two.

Why did you choose Charlie for your date instead of Luciano? I chose Charlie because I felt we had a lot in common with each other. So if we did have chemistry, we would have a lot of fun together.

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At the end of the day I'm looking for a partner who is not only my lover but my best friend. What did you think of your date with Charlie? My date with Charlie was the perfect day. We had beautiful scenery, great conversations, and a very relaxed afternoon topped off with a great meal. It felt like we were on a mini-vacation getting to know each other, and I really enjoyed it. What's happening with you and Charlie now?

Did you ever go on that second date? Charlie and I have stayed in touch but I think he travels even more than I do.

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