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These are some top tips from the experts on how to craft an opening line that Did you go to the top of the Eiffel Tower? dating app opener.

Putting ideas in a famous personality, particularly interested me, and is being accessed more realistic about dating advice and gmat. I rather have a high value at boy who you must first flower shop game, treatment, pulping chemistry and save, the dating websites. Okcupid due to the guardian is the genepartner. Fluorine absorption dating choice was varied. Dating sites like in senior living. Search and lists of time an analyst, you want to be offered at mingle 2. If you can test of error. All the harvard computer society.

Willard libby and will measure your intelligence, and matchmaking process. Willard libby and search until the dating market and xpointer. Yeah, never had pussy and probably never will. There are worse things. Like having to decipher shit test and proper responses comes to mind. A lot of women like old trucks. Women were totally into it. Seems like he is overthinking this stuff. All these little tips and tricks add up to a ridiculous amount of effort.

I was always successful in career, smart, went to a top school, etc. But you have to be going out there and pushing your limits…. Most guys I know who are above the mark could get half the women in the room to sleep with them in a second. The problem is where you store your brains, in your pocket protector or in your hands. A guy with a IQ who sticks in his cave and never comes out is useless and of course loses points.

A guy who comes out and uses that brain for all sorts of things will get laid faster. Women threw themselves at him because 1 he had game, 2 he knew how to use that brain to enchant the women, 3 he could talk to anyone anywhere about anything. You talk about gaining points, the guy who can talk with one woman about engineering and her friend about poetry, that guy has cleared the playing field of all comers.

Went to a good school and grad school , work as a stockbroker, been in fights, even got arrested DUI, once. Not afraid to communicate my pro-White views or my opinions of muds such as negroes and hispanics. But I was raised to be a beta.

Church and parents suppressed my savage instincts, and I grew up a nice, respectable conservative Republican—albeit one who was bored out of his mind. But gradually my natural alpha proclivities began to show, namely in an obsession with getting pussy mission usually accomplished and willingness to fight—which I often did, in my tailored pinstriped suit, Brooks Brothers shirt and tasseled loafers.

Armed with that realization, when I walked into bars I let my dick do the choosing, confident in the knowledge that I was packing a pussy-pleasing monster in my well-tailored trousers. Later, at around age 30 I suddenly realized that to get women all you had to do was treat them like shit. Be confident, be assertive—and treat the females with contempt. Once I digested this simple rule, I had women practically knocking me down to date me. Enough with chivalry and romantic love. That shit is for suckers. You sound like a mix of Barney Stinson and Chuck Norris.

How curious that you feel the urge to announce it to strangers on the internet. People of any given race can be considered ethnically Hispanic. In fact, several millions of Whites are. I was in the back of a cop car a number of times, but was never cuffed and read my rights and brought to trial; hence my answer was no.

I bet that Tantric Firs Comment is a woman…If you are, tell me, that approach you suggest ever worked with you? Do you murder beautiful models or something, I could have swore that was a passage out of American Psycho. As for this quiz intelligence is far more important than job status and car ownership. Rippling muscles are not important as long as you can help move a couch. I found to be more compatible with guys my own age.

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Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook. Just hit me with your best shot. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. So what is lacking in your life john? Tell us all about it. Maybe it will be the revelation that changes everything.

Captain of the football team. Starter on your basketball team. Hey there, This is a very accurate dating market value assesment but there is only one thing i am not sure about this, and this is attractiveness. I think facial attractiveness plays a bigger role than it is being stated in this test. Take college girls, for example. They also like to prefer the hotter guys over lesser attractive ones. The importance of facial attractiveness seems to decrease with age thou. Maybe the facial attractiveness question can be extended with variables like age and facial attractiveness scale and so on.

I also think that another addition, racial background, can be put into the assesment. It can be done like this;. I am also a person who also sometimes suffers due to negative bias towards my race as well as i am a Turkish student. I have seen the importance of race in the social experiment i done yesterday at 2 different nightclubs; in the first nightclub mentioning my real racial background led me to 2 phone numbers, whereareas when i told them that i am spanish in the second night club, i have got 6 phone numbers.

The number of girls i hit on was around the same. Of course there would be some other reasons that affected the outcome, but the unverbal feedback i was getting from the girls with the both suggested that telling them i am spanish amplified their interest. You may argue that above criteria is mostly based on my subjective experience and that would be right, but as racial background also has an effect, it can be further worked upon to be more precise.

Roissy dating market value test

I had no idea there was so little competition out there for the few women worth the time investment, and no idea there were that many girls both stupid and intelligent that are so easily pulled in. Sadly, I am married. I know, I know, terrible travesty. But hey, she makes a point to get out of bed before me and rouses me with breakfast. We eat dinner, and get the whole evening to play. I read that an Asian guy would have to make hundreds of thousands more a year to be seen as attractive as the average white man.

Oh wait, it is not even the right word! Learn to speak your own fucking language before spewing your racist bullshit on the internet, you dumb fucking cunt. Lastly, I hope you and your entire inbred, daughter-raping white family die horribly of cancer or other genetic defects. On a side note, i think those values can be more variable as the male physical appeareance is judged more integrated with his character by women.

For example consider a middle eastern guy. And thus may eliminate the minus points he gets from his origin. If the racial features are not leaning towards extremes, that can be modified to fit into higher status states. So how much a man who is programmed to be wussy, nerdy and beta can get from the game? Let me start from the beginning, I am 18 and my sister is I just finished high school and my sister is home from college. I guess this year her grades started slipping or something, because I walked past her room and she was crying.

I feel kinda sorry for her so I gave her a hug and one thing led to another and we started making out. I pretty much just fucked my sister. No, to be more honest, I just lost my virginity to my sister. Sure alot of this stuff gives you a better with certain levels of girls. Being tall is always a plus, having money is always a plus, and being smart is always a plus.

This is all the same stuff that women have talked about since the beginning of pick up. The ONLY key is how you carry yourself. Sure you will get NOs. Be even more aggressive and confident in your moves. As for average chicks, play along any game that they are into. If they are talking about work then just play as you have the greatest job ever. If they talk about muscles and lifting just act as you are a gym nut.

Personally I think average girls are boring to pick up because they are so predictable and easy to close. Maybe i say that just because i scored over the average…. This test is for faggots. I will find and beat the shit out of you. This is fairly biased. Shitheads and Wifebeaters score the best? Someone must like it rough. None of the 35 chicks I dated has said she was into anorexic guys. This test is a good joke. Goes to show not even women know what they fucking want. Why bother doing anything else? I actually feel sorry for the poor motherfuckers who are trying to pick a wife out of this bunch.

Or rather the skinniness is bullshit regarding slim women. High status doctor, executive, professor, successful artist or musician or writer, professional athlete, etc. If all other factors were the same ie. Columbia University — with research and editing assistance from Harvard University, MIT, and Stanford University — conducted a study on racial preferences in interracial dating.

In fact, when we run the regressions separately for each race, we find that even Asian women find white, black, and Hispanic men to be more attractive than Asian men. Hier sind einige Ergebnisse: Well since this is the most recent post, it most likely will never be read. You have to keep in mind that good-looking girls that are out with friends especially less good-looking ones are expecting to be hit on and have been hit on before.

Coming from an average-looking guy with a slightly-above-average track record with women, I feel that the asshole approach is a slippery slope that is hard to pull off. On the other hand, if you can make the girl feel comfortable and laugh, without seeming overzealous, you can do alright. When you think about it, what makes someone alpha is when they are able to get what they want.

And what we all do want is to be happy. We each get our desires from the different experiences of our lives which is why one test cannot be the answer as to how each of us is doing in life. There is one common denominator of success and that is happiness. The less you complain, the more alpha you will become. More focus, means you will GET more of what you want. Only tell stories that support the version of you that you want to become.

All of your guidance comes from within. Tap into that shit and kill this life. Johnre — Getting laid is no longer what determines my happiness.

Although, it was at one point in time. Whatever the case, I hope you find happiness wherever your path leads you. All true, for a certain feminine archetype. This sort of jackassery is fine for short term, meaningless, emotionally abrasive flings, but is a sure-fire way to be single at If your IQ is part of you self-image, you are a loser nerd.

But if you just plain smart and care about scoring rather than finishing the experiment and getting the article into Nature , that is certainly an asset. This is a test that will let you know what your chances are of picking up shallow hot women, not what your dating prospects are. Lay off the 15 year old hotties for a minute and get some good sex, and then rewrite this. I give it a C-. The test is awesome in the first half… In the second half its obvious its based on a cult-like belief in the mystery-method or something similar. To me these pick up methods are insane and unnatural.

So take my advice, get a sea change and go somewhere where you actually have a fair chance to know a girl on a very authentic and personal level before you try to bang them. If all else fails then go to Europe or Russia. Women are a completely different experience over there. Mastery, on the other hand…. This test definitely suits the market. What alot of dudes gotta remember here is that YES the shit is silly and YES none of this shit bears any relevance on your worth as a dude, but chicks go in for that shit man.

I knew there was an ulterior motive for owning those things. I must admit, getting called out or teased by some fearless guy does turn me on. Not having to repel a steamroller of a man is a relief. The cat and mouse games are fun AND good for you, like those balance-board exercises. It gives ME permission to be a truthful asshole, too. And I love that brazen fearlessness because then I can be fearless right there with him.

And a little angry at. For me, thinking about that is a major, major turnoff. Respect, as displayed by the alpha-est of alphas, is fucking incendiary. Women can be fucking tigresses. The prevailing theory, as far as I can understand, says betas are the men who are eaten by the tiger, and alphas are the men who tame the tiger with chairs and whips. God, thinking about it gives me shivers. Total alpha, sometimes a jerk. But he respected her. A good looking stud with a low IQ will probably do well when he is young and hormones in both sexes are strong.

The guys with high IQ will have the endurance. Their status will increase as they climb the domenance heirarchy. They might have to pick up some of the baggage left by the studs step-children but will get to succesfully mate well into their 40s and maybe 50s. The fearful call the interlopers whiners while showing an inability to defend their own point of view.

Socons are on their way out in terms of control of the GOP…so the real whiners will be the socons as libertarians take over the Republican Party. Feminists are, of course, whiners by definition. Obviously, since a man his age can only come about 2 times per day and it takes maybe 40 minutes to enjoy a woman that way…there are about I save a lot of time in dating by getting right to the point about sex. Plus we have a great starting point for the 3rd date.

Plenty of women will agree to be the sex buddy of a physically fit man who can help them through college or show them a good time. Alphas may marry in their old age to an older member of their long term harem whom they particularly came to love and respect. PhillyBoy81 Do people actually ask that question? The only times girls have ever asked me if I was gay was when they had some sort of interest in me!

As a result, the beta-male naively thinks he is the best catch and his partner deludes herself by thinking that she has grown up. Despite all the valid complaints over problems with this test, I found the final result to be exactly what I expected. I scored a -4, and the description fit my stage in pick up exactly.

If you have invented something interesting, possess an IQ over , and can read palms add 40 points. To the discerning man, intelligence is as a powerful aphrodesiac to the right lady as millions in the bank. You can eliminate all the unknowns by knowing this art.

It works in reverse, you can learn to be the alpha male just by walking in the room. Ignore them until they force themselves to touch you. I scored a 17 — how come I am not getting laid then? I also think the IQ thing is not accurate. I understand that smart guys over think and dumb jocks do get laid but smart guys usually win out in the end…. Having money definitely gets you sex. If a woman thinks you are good for it, she will do something sexual if you make it clear that you could just drop 2 weeks salary in their purse no problem. Spending that much on taking them out counts…but cash is preferred.

High IQ is only bad in that it is a myth that women want to marry up. They only want to marry slightly up. You can see this in the FSU. Russian hairdressers will not seriously date American yuppie males anymore. The same is true, of course, with American hair dressers. Instinctively, from the days before DNA testing, they would expect the higher IQ gamer to deny fatherhood and turn his back on her after pregnancy.

Your only advantage, all other things being equal, is that the dumber women consider you a possibility or sticking around somehow and, thus, will mate with you. Near the end the young woman is about to give away the curse to an old man in a diner…but decides against that only when she sees he is happily married. Ugh… … I expected to be labeled a beta… but I do appreciate that this is honest I only get the fat ones and not even regularly. I scored on an IQ test, and it shows and I agree, the higher the IQ, the lower the chances of getting some.

IQ does not help most men in figuring out game by themselves, smart guys have the same illusions and wrong assumptions and are just as clueless initially. Given the same values of all other attributes salary, looks, social status being smarter will result in playing the game better, and therefore in more success.

Women do not necessarily want a super IQ in a guy, but they almost always want someone at least as smart as them, so smart guys can get smart chicks much more easily than average-IQ guys can. You put much too emphasis on the traditional male ideas of what women find attractive. However, they are solid indicators of how happy he is with his life and how well-adjusted he is. And this not only indicates how appealing he is to women, but his ability to work at something like game and learn it. If you fail at your drive-thru job, for example, the subtleties of the neg are likely to elude you as well.

Also, Mick Jagger is a flawed counterexample. Rock stars exist on a plane of coolness that is attainable by no salary, game or other traits. This quiz reflects the biases of the author.

dating value test

The questions are based on his personal experiences. For example, the question about making out with a girl in the club. What kind of women? For young hot women — no way my friend…they are all about looks. Women overall like good looking men. If a guy is attractive and has game, he will do well. If the guy is unattractive and and had game — maybe.

But overall…a good fit male is going to have a much better chance and the first horse out of the gate is mostly the winner…. That is only a small part of an awesome thread, RTWT. Women are making good money these days in many cases more than men and with that they are looking for things that they did not back in the good ole days — such as looks, swagger, thuggery — adventure.

I personally do not equate them to game. Game is really nothing but carnival tactics if you think about it — cold reading, humor, tricks…ect…. No this actually proves that men have a tougher road to hoe then before…. They may not be accurate but they are entertaining. His blog posts and the comments offer […]. I would agree, this needs to be gender specific. This seems pretty accurate to me.

This is what I call the Rule of the Roost, which has been confirmed by four separate studies on IQ distribution among the sexes: In between, the females enjoy an average advantage of 10 points on the mean, across the spectrum excluding the extremes mentioned. This is why they expect to feel yes, feel… more intelligent than their partner. They usually are, and this is the norm around which their behavior forms.

A hi-Q smashes their comfort zone, threatens their identifications and vanities, and makes them feel yes, feel… stupid, whether intentionally or not. The intelligence difference has been a massive stressor on their marriage. Are they somehow supposed to make me feel more badass, and confident? Thanks for writing that, Sev. If nothing else, the girls ought to be smarter, healthier and not out to start fights or vomit in the car…. Surprising since I thought the test for women was almost dead on. All of those means nothing. Basically, if you have a BMW, 6-figure job, and average looks then you can bang any girl you want.

Forget about games and shit, just get hard cash. Sometimes its best to play dumb. On the other hand a high IQ can make it difficult to relate to other people and their problems, ie something like credit card debt vs. This test is flawed. If you are looks wise you take off more than -1 point. Most of that is bullcrap […]. Only betas and fools ignore reality. He must be getting laid all the time showing them PHP tricks.

Maybe he needs to talk about the Linux kernel more. But where are the real questions? About how well the guy cooks, cleans, and eats pussy? Men are worthless shits. No wonder the writers here have so much time to write. Learn how to use your tongues doucehbags. If you go into any situation in life with the pre-conceived idea that you are going to lose, guess what happens? I am 59 really. I have a BMI of 29 and thinning hair. But I am also tall 5 10 for the country in which I live, exercise regularly at a high level I compete with 40 year olds — although I should go back to weights, Cardio is useless for sex appeal , the BMI includes a lot of muscle that shows in posture and dance movements.

I dress my age at a smart and expensive level — no trainers, levis and sweat shirt. I occasionally attend a music pub. All I have to do is make prolonged eye contact with an unattached or weakly attached woman and sooner or later the woman is brushing up against me with her breasts or her legs and subsequently we are dancing together. Money is not necessary as an accelerator. I prefer a slow build up. The final result is so much better although I did pay the year after my divorce — 24 years without sex.

None was over Most were 25 years old. Women peak in fertility around Healthy, successful men simply increase in value. Biologically, they have survived. Success is proven; not necessarily financial — great creativity can also count — I am an engineer with inventions — I reckon I have both. The ability to stick around until the children have left college is also proven in my case. I speak 5 languages, 3 fluently.

I also have my own international trading business to a country with a whiff of danger about it. I am not rich. The business is new but expanding fast. I am not in the retirement phase of my life cycle. Women are not guessing about the genetic fitness of older men. It is an established fact or not. In my case many women conclude that I have good genes to offer. It is an untold secret of life but for one night stands, old man-young woman has been the easiest time of my life.

Women over 40 on the other hand, in general, are too insecure about their own decline to deal with having an older man as a boyfriend and perhaps they are not looking for genes and I am too threatening for an LTR. The first 26 year old found me. I do now have an LTR with a woman of 34, a single mother.

Yes she will have to nurse me for 2 or 3 years before I die but she will have to nurse a man now 40 when she is herself old and frail. Most of the young women are well above average in looks or very clever or have high earning jobs or are tall or all these together. They complain that they frighten away men their own age. Most of the best men are married to most of the best women in their mid twenties even in these marriage deferring times. Women with intelligence do not build up their careers and then have babies. They have the babies early and forgo the consumption of baubles and then spend their lives on an uninterrupted career run.

They deserve their single committed relationship. I am bailing out a very good looking single mother with the smarts to have started her own property business in the depth of a recession. The limit of such tests is Joining the dots to design electronic circuits or code software is not clever. Why do Americans make this association between social ineptness and intelligence?

If one tops the Nerd zone, it is hard to find women who really match you. I compensate by looking for women who have some creative talent in a visual or musical art — including interior design! I have never had the time to go there. I think that it is about making a commitment to a woman 25 years younger than I am.

Unthinkable in the Lost World in which I was brought up. Not all something girls are vapid idiots, but you do have to work unnecessarily harder for them…. None of the questions had anything to do with your style, which makes a huge difference. Yeah, race should be a major issue, but it matters where you are. Being White is always a plue, being Black is always a negative.

And you wonder why Blacks hate Whites. My only fear is that whites, along with their asian brides, would come in and destroy us. Many white guys get off on this fact. I am black and live in Southern California. I get more play from Asian girls than any other group. Yes in some ways extremely high IQ can correlate to malajudtment, but certain individuals myself included find it to be an overwhelming advantage as far as controling women and men are concerned.

Humans, both sexes, are inherently predictable. Evo psych proves this. The unfortunate side effect of mastering manipulation is that it soon becomes quite boring and you may find yourself attracted to extreme forms of sexuality: This entire business of pua bullshit is largely a fucking sham.

But by all means keep going, I find myself strangely amused…. No points for looking like a rapist pedophile? This video proves it: What I find hilarious as heck is the women and occasional men that come on and try desperately to dispute the validity of these questions. I am not saying that they do this on purpose. In fact, I am willing to bet that they do not really understand that they are lying. They ask people to tell the truth about what they find desirable. Women want someone attractive.

They want someone dangerous. The fifth thing is actually keyed to odor. If you have a physically strenuous job, shower right after work before you hit the bars…. Women want to know that they are PROTECTED when you are around… thus the attraction to some muscles, and again a willingness to commit violence… because you may need to be violent to protect them.

And of course, intelligent. They want a smart,clever guy, because he is likely to be a good protector, but if you are TOO smart, you are likely to realize that you can get away if you let the lion eat her. The problem is that most of these things work on the subconscious level… women are generally far more instinctive than men, and frankly, some of these things,if brought to their attention, They would find highly insulting or degrading. And they will lie about it… not because they are mean or intentionally deceptive, but because the instinct to maintain your place in the pack structure is stronger than the desire to be absolutely truthful.

It is best to be a bit above average, because you get an advantage over most people while avoiding the disadvantages of being too different from everyone else. I am straddling the point at which intellect becomes a social impediment, though I do make good money. Well, I barely made it into the positives. One thing that absolutely puzzles me is why Q 15 would punish a person of high IQ especially those whom are way above mere thus making it a negative number.

It makes no logical sense. I felt that I had to give myself a score of -2 for this one. I thought women liked really smart guys. Women will not date too high up above them. A man who is more than 20 IQ points higher will be too much of a flight risk keep in mind that marriage and LTRs often end up with the men feeling like caged animals as the spouse grows older and loses her attractiveness.

Women fear abandonment more than anything else. There are strategies for men to deal successfully with women more than 20 points lower on the IQ scale. If a guy is really smart, he knows these and implements them. There are women with whom highly intelligent people will never have a natural or fun rapport, but the company of those women bores the living hell out of me no matter how hot they are.

I assume the irony is noticed. High IQ people can often pull this off easily, not necessarily because they have multiple women waiting in the wings, but because they have multiple serious, intellectual interests as well as the big-picture perspective that comes with having such interests to return to. We know you put women on pedestals. Anyway, yes, women will not have the confidence to date, as equals or as an LTR, a man more than 20 points higher on the IQ scale if he has a high status. Women will instinctively know that a high status male, who runs circles around her intellectually, will only use her.

A man makes up for that by making sure she knows that only an STR is on tap. Any guy with smarts has noticed that he can get upper middle class 8s more easily than lower middle class 7s. Sure, women will tend to date their own IQ range or up to 20 points higher because of the comfort it provides. That still explains how a non-nerd college grad in the upper middle class can more easily date a hottie from his own IQ range of say than a lower middle class hair dresser with an IQ of Furthermore, what you just said is only true if the high status male shoots for an STR after having learned game.

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If he shoots for an LTR with someone much dumber, he can get shot down. Meanwhile the culture does everything it can so that men never learn PUA concepts except as some kind of punchline. This is why there are tons of readers over 30, 40 and 50 here who are seriously learning about game for the first time in their lives and, more importantly, learning about it in an interactive atmosphere where others verify that its valid.

Almost every Hollywood film tries to tell men that they should call it quits before their time and marry someone their own age with a past. I could spend an hour with dozens of recent examples but two new ones include:. No Strings Attached is about a slut approaching 30 who gets convinced by one of her boy toys that she should settle down with him.

Try to think about the type of response each represents, i. Is the goal here to have successful short- and long-relationships with women? Or is there something else going on? The men on this site seem so alien to the men I know in real life—boyfriends, fuck buddies and friends alike. Maybe I make subconscious decisions that allow me to avoid or ignore men on this site.

However, as I suggested before, this site seems more preoccupied with the study of other men than actually interacting with women. In which case, that is your prerogative. Nicole 2 Please use another handle because the real Nicole is a woman from Israel who comments regularly. Not a good idea for western men because of the way they are raised and socialized. Western yuppie males are socialized, for instance, to believe in feminism, that women will behave logically like our equals and let us know what they want to do, etc.

Nothing can be further from the truth. But you need a blog like this to show you why. Nowhere else will you be told the following, for instance:. Females in socializing with men, no matter how feminist, expect to be led along and persuaded. Boys need to know milestones and expectations for themselves.

While this blog is not meant for teenage boys, it can set realistic expectations for males, mainly that you can do in one date what women SAY will only happen after many dates. Just tonight I had a date with someone I only really wanted to see once, so I needed to pack an entire relationship into one date. Only this blog has the advice that gave me even an idea of how to pull off an entire relationship in one evening. We met at a cafe for salad I was a cheapskate and, after establishing attraction in about 15 minutes, I suggested that she come back to my place for a really good meal. But this is based on a lie.

A woman will refuse to go home with a guy on the first date only because of ASD. So I said that I was chagrined that there was no place I could get a sport massage after 7pm. But a male masseuse can do it harder Me: But a woman would be more relaxing She: I feel comfortable with you. We can give it a try. Again, this is the ASD at work. Notice how women will refuse to take responsibility for logically planning out what they are going to do from one minute to the next. At my place, she gave a great massage. ASD kicked in again. She was still fully dressed. This turned out to be a lie.

But her words and actions were the opposite. For most of my life, before reading this blog, I would have taken this at face value and nothing more would have happened tonight. I would have foolishly gotten us off my bed and gotten dressed and, probably, walked her home or paid for her taxi. Would that be bad? I gave her a great massage but, when I was doing the legs, the finger kept brushing up against where it counts. One year ago, I definitely did not understand that one can move all the way on the first date or without a first date at all.

And so it can be understood that men with a high socio-sexual orientation would have a seduction advantage, because they will not have to fake not considering the girl a slut, and so will more easily bypass the ASD. Sociosexual orientation in social psychology refers to individual differences in the tendency to prefer either unrestricted sex without the necessity of love or restricted sex only in the context of a long term loving relationship.

While generally, males show a more unrestricted strategy relative to females, substantial overlap exists between the sexes. That the difference within sexes is greater than that between the sexes has led to substantial debate, and extensive theorising regarding the causes of such differences. As if anyone here actually believes that you feel sorry or bad. As if anyone here gives a shit about your social shaming. Who the fuck are you and why would anyone give a shit about your sorry? Hmmm… Single bored girl here, I took a wild speculation of how the ideal man for me: Other then dumb bench press and income pretty amusing test.

But, I would put a military officer into the superior catagory, not neutral. I cleaned house with the treehuggers. One other thing I noticed: I never did ROTC, and girls liked me. They did not like the army ROTC guys with their attitudes and fake military uniforms. The only questions that were truthfully relevant to attraction were the questions regarding height, weight, and hair.

Income has nothing to do with someone who has never even spoken to you being attracted. What other point is there to being alpha? You lead her, but you do it subtly. In my experience if you get a woman back to your place then you really have no excuse not to close on her.

Women want to have sex, they want to fuck, they want to have a good time. The more responsibility you take away from her and place on your own shoulders the easier it will be for you to close. You are either one or the other? I wear custom suits and crocodile shoes.

I dine at popular restaurants, dance and flirt with the hottest woman at the clubs, vacation all over the world, and in general, live an awesome life. My male friends think I get laid left and right. My lifestyle rocks, eventhough no pussy is involved. I am still a virgin. Many of you have been mislead to believe that fertility is a signal of good genes, in reality, it is a reproductive signal. You mistake youth as a function of reproductive fitness, when in fact it is a time period of short duration in a females existance. And when overzealous males gain access to what appears to be top-notch pussy youth and beauty they feel they have accomplished something extraordinary and label themselves playboys, when in fact, her side of the family is disease-ridden, and you become the sucker who falls for it, and well, your offspring pay the price, and you think you got a great deal!

What was it you said, there is something wrong with me? Probably your crocodile shoes display just what a tool you are. Who the fuck does that? There is no doubt, I want a wonderful girlfriend. This scale is very good , and this is my experience too, but it should be tweaked for regional variations. In Australia and specially Sydney, the positive score for any jerk factor in each question should be doubled. IN Brisbane, there is generally no bonus for black cock, but in sydney , you get 5 whole bonus points thrown in for black cock.

Its probably the city where chicks are most hot for black cock outside sub saharan Africa! If i needed to get laid, I usually would go out with my black African friends-that was my"game" when I lived in sydney. BTW if your taste is fat arse late 30's women getting clucky in Sydney, there is no need to have a "game" , having a pulse will do-give yourself 10 bonus points. Regarding High status profession, the top 10 preferred professions-8 were artisan types-starting at Carpenter no1, electrician no. From what you would call professionals , only doctor was included in the top There are refugee camps outside the city for beta male refugees leaving sydney with their dick between their legs, and not looking back.

On second thought, fuck it. Keep your eye on the news! This reeks of The Seduction Community and as such is invalid for any purpose except wasting time. Does anyone actually think that this quiz reflects reality? Beautiful women mainly sleep with young, tall, slender, rude, aggressive, moderately clever jocks with police records? It sounds more like the wish list that a cynical wealthy older gay man would want in an easily dominated young lover. The description fits me well. I have no problem getting to attraction. Introvert by nature, so doing routines is really exhausting.

Immediately on the first question: Same with the girls test. Proportionately way too many points are awarded to age and sexual openness compared to attractiveness. And in my observation women in their 20s tend to be much more attractive than those in their teens, because finished going through puberty, lost the baby fat, and figured out how to take care of themselves to look better. Thanks, Shannon, for the commercial break. No, if a woman is hot at 19 it does not mean she will be hot even at In fact, the odds are against it. Women lose their looks at the most rapid rate when they are in this age range.

Looks can change like the San Francisco weather then. For the most part, teens are logarithmically more sexually attractive than women in their twenties. Exceptions exist but only prove the rule. I also think desirability of a certain age is relative to the age of the man. I cannot tell you how many men in my age range early-mid 20s have expressed a preference for older women mid-late 20s.

If they were truly honest with themselves, I wonder how many guys they could come up with who are nice to them who they would never give the time of day. In the same vein, less physically attractive women are dramatically more likely to respond favorably to politeness, while more attractive women respond very strongly to a guy who is at least seemingly uninterested in them.

Nobody but a masochist would enjoy clubbing with a SMV of zero. And, as a white […]. What is or is not attractive differs from country to country, age group by age group, and it takes all types believe me. So to all those high IQ guys out there who were a bit phased by this — forget it guys, your tgime will come. No wonder all I get are single moms of ADD children who are about 30 lbs overweight. I agree with your test. Most guys prefer women around that age.

Does this score me any points? Or, perhaps, hacking is too geeky of a crime to brag about. Genuine intelligence allows you to understand the world around you, and make decisions that help you succeed. Intelligence can get you that high paying job. Intellectual arrogance, however, is a compensation mechanism for people who lack social skills. Even knowing your own IQ score offhand is an indication this may be you. Proving your intellectual ability by succeeding at some challenging task that can be measured objectively is great and all… but the best proof of true intelligence is applying your mental abilities constructively.

It seems intellectual arrogance can actually be a huge DHV, if pulled off right. So, what if some guy is very short or extremely overweight? Wow, your methods for assessing female vs male market value are incredibly offensive and remarkably sexist. Keep playing your idiotic games and in time, you will be old, alone and empty. Given how cliche and outright offensive your assessments based purely on physical appearance are, there should be far more about wealth in assessing male market value, if you can even pretend to be using a similar method of assessment. Since age and appearance and weight count for at least 30 points for the women, wealth should be at least the same for the men….

But, I assume that such scientific methods are most likely beyond what your minds can comprehend. By scientific method, I assume you mean the method where you spoon your three cats naked until you stop blubbering enough to type without a shaky hand? So, I was browsing through the hot or not site, and the ratings seem extremely inaccurate to me. Do you seriously believe any of those above are anywhere near the league of those? Matt, The first step is to raise your standards and drop any and all idea that any legal age woman is too young for you.

Thanks for the input, anybody else have any tips. Any books anybody would recommend? This blog should add a section to this page about the things that betas can do to change. I dont agree with that IQ shit. Im from the hood and very smart in math and physics my favourite subject. Trust me tho homie when it comes to getting hotties im a monster and I respect all your games cuz im a player too and I learned alot from you these last few days.

Being smart is a part of so you can mindfuck girls mathematically and keep them coming like a black hole in the universe lol. Just pointing out that science oriented guys got game too especially us from the hood. Shout out to the slimes. Real alphas are the guys that everyone turns to because they genuinely look out for and lead people naturally.

They would never just walk away from a conversation because they felt like it because part of leading and maintaining order is telling people what is going on. Nor would they be pussyfooting around playing hard to get like the glorified metrosexual portrayed in this article.

He wants sex and talks about water and waking up in the morning. You should also add Race to the test: The ceiling of the Stanford-Binet is in the SD15 version and in the SD16 version; 4 standard deviations above the mean. As a high value girl I can tell you right now that this test is a great big steaming pile of BS!!!

This test kinda makes me wish I was a guy. Or spend thousands of dollars to have a plastic surgeon hack at my body. This is kinda sickening honestly. Sorta makes me disgusted by even any form of sexuality. I was expecting too see a lot more in the area.