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In the image below, CS: GO skill groups are arranged from lowest skill group in the upper left Silver I , to highest skill group in the lower right Global Elite:.


Once a player has been assigned a skill group, it will be displayed in the main menu, in party lobbies, and in the match scoreboard next to their name. Players sharing a lobby will have their skill group displayed at all times. New players will not immediately have a skill group because it hasn't been calibrated yet. A skill group will be assigned to a new player after they have won ten games.

When new players play their first game, we have no idea what their skill level is. As they play more games, we use those wins and losses to make predictions about what skill group we think they should be in. The more games they play, the more confident the system is in predicting who the other players are that they should be playing against.

CS:GO rankings explained: How it works

Winning 10 games gives us enough data to confidently place new players in a skill group where we think they'll be matched up with others of the same skill level. If a player has taken an extended break from the game, their skill group may not be visible until it has been recalibrated after one win. If one or more members of your recent competitive parties were permanently banned for cheating, your competitive wins and skill group may have been adjusted to reflect this. GO skill groups are calculated and adjusted automatically and cannot be modified.

Another reason your skill group may no longer be visible is because of inactivity. Getting a tie does not mean that no points are transfered between the two teams.

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The team with a higher average rank will lose points in the event of a tie, and the lower ranking team will gain points. The amount of points lost or gained depends on how different the average ranks are between the two teams. Two teams with the same ranks are expected to be tied. Yes, matchmaking will take into account your low-ranked friend when searching for games, so most likely there will be someone around the rank of your friend as well on the enemy team. I would suggest, however, that if they aren't going to play seriously just take them to Casual mode. Playing with friends rather than randoms will greatly increase cooperation and teamwork, and on average I would say you win more playing with similarly ranked friends than with randoms.

You may gain rank but it would not accurately reflect your skill, and when you are playing by yourself you will find yourself frustrated by significantly more skilled players.

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You are also hurting your teammates, who will lose games because of you. Eventually, you will probably lose rank and return to your previous rank anyway, so why bother?

CS:GO ranks, explained

If it appears that you have only lost 1 game and then lost rank, it is probably because you have lost several games a few days ago. The game does not reset your Elo points just because you haven't played in a few days although you will have to play 10 games to regain your rank if you haven't played in a few months. Everytime you gain or lose rank, your are put back in the "middle" of the Elo point spectrum, so losing 1 or 2 games right after you gain a rank will not lower your rank again. Let's say you start from 0 points, gain 1 point for every round win, and lose 1 point for every loss.

In reality, the number of points you gain or lose is not constant and depends on the ranks of both teams, but let's just say it is for example's sake. You have to get to 10 points to raise rank, and get to points to lose rank. When you gain or lose rank, your points reset to 0. Many people also wonder if their ranks truly represent their skills. In the long term, it does.

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Everyone has a match every so often in which they do very well, and it is in these moments that people generally get angry for their low rank. However, they forget all the times when they perform just average, and the few times they completely screw up. That being said, however, CS is a game of practice. The lowest rank I have ever had was Silver 4, but after excruciating practice my rank had continually increased and it is now Master Guardian.

Unless you already have an extremely high rank, it is almost unheard of that the more you play, the lower your rank will get, so don't be afraid to keep playing matchmaking for fear of losing your rank. I love being stuck at SE tbh, last 40 games I may have lost but I am always winning two or three games in a row and losing one the winning again.

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  5. In response to this silence, some players have their own theories on how CS: Back in , Steam user RetriButioN posted a lengthy record of his experience ranking up multiple accounts. He's since updated the guide, acknowledging that all claims are based purely off his own anecdotal evidence, but it makes for an interesting read regardless. He proposes that ranking is determined on a round-by-round basis, adjusting all players involved to redetermine the expected winner. This method could explain why players sometimes rank up on a lost game, given a close scoreline.

    However, these cannot act as hard evidence for a round-by-round system, as external factors e. These outside events are more likely to explain especially bizarre claims like deranking after a win. RetriButioN also goes on to claim that, aside from winning and losing the round, MVPs are the only factor to affect your ranking score. The logic behind this and the guide came from the use of console command, 'developer 1,' which revealed a ranking number that changed based on rounds and MVPs.

    However, Valve has dispelled this claim, confirming that files stored on the user-end no longer affect ranking.

    The logic behind this is that a player may have an unusual bad patch or lucky streak, not indicative of their true skill, meaning that time to establish the trend is needed. No matter how much data mining someone claims to have done, they cannot know the details of the matchmaking system.