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Search Google Appliance Enter the terms you wish to search for. Collections Subjects Object Groups. Description This ten-inch aluminum linear slide rule has a yellow "eye saver" coating and a nylon indicator. The left end of the slide is marked: The right end of the slide is marked: A black leather case is lined in pink plastic. The triangular Pickett logo stamped in gold below the slot for the case's flap is wearing away. I fully agree in collecting the most advanced slide rule a company made rather than trying to collect an example of every single model!

I learned this from when I collected firearms. I acquired a little wisdom when I selected a dozen or so models e. Many thanks for your very helpful comments. Please place my name on your mailing list in the future. I have a 6 ft teacher slide rule as well. I live in the Tampabay, FL area.

ISRM accepts donations of slide rules , especially if you want to memorialize or honor a relative or yourself as having background information on how these were used as it makes it more interesting for the on-line visitors.


I have a Pickett No. I was considering buying a new one for a friend, and as I was looking online to find out where to purchase, I discovered just now, that they are not so easy to find anymore. I thought they were still a commonly available item. Its worthless because the cursor was broken long ago, but it has much sentimental value to me. I used it when I was an apprentice back in the early sixties. My first electronic calculator was a kit-build Sinclair Cambridge Scientific that I put together in You got the two halves of the case and a printed circuit board and just snapped them all together in a minute or so.

These things spelled the end of the sldie rule for we avionics engineers. I have a Japanese metal steel slide rule from WWII in a wooden case, that looks like it is some type of artillery calculator. Can you give me an idea what I have or is more info required from me. Please ask questions and I will try and answer them. Just read the article and found it of interest.

I live in Luton the original home of Blundell Rules Ltd. I have just learned of a old local retailer, now gone, was producing a range of slide rules. Not bad work for a month and a half and cheap too. All rules are used daily as I enjoy designing audio amplifiers or generally playing with them relearning maths was useless.

Currently researching into Blundell Brothers. Ernie, You have a slide rule designed by Chan Street, and unfortunately there is not much information published about him. As the curator of the International Slide Rule Museum sliderulemuseum. Send to curator [at] sliderulemuseum [dot] com. If you are willing, we also accept donations of slide rules, which makes you a Friend of the Museum. If there is history of its use by yourself or a family member, please include a short biography and a photo of the original owner or yourself. Thank you for your support and consideration.

I recently turned up my old Boots slide rule which I had at school. Not as quick as a computer program or calculator, for sure, but much more fun! Most of the rules on British eBay are Thorntons. Did they do any 20 inch models? A lot has been lost by the use of calculators and computers. As noted by others … setting up the problem, thinking about the limitations of the calculation, etc. I used this slide rule as a tool through my PhD program and and as a teaching companion until around when handheld calculators began to take over and became the affordable norm for most students.

Is there a place for it or do I just let it pass into oblivion. For those of you asking questions in restorations , value or wondering how to donate your slide rule or one belonging to your relatives, please contact me through sliderulemuseum. I have not been able to replay directly to any individual post through this website. If you are donating a slide rule with a known history, try to include a digital photo of the original owner or yourself along with a short bio, and these will be archived with the slide rule and posted in the gallery.

This makes visiting the on-line galleries more interesting to visitors and we can honor their your life and career in this small way.

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ISRM does not purchase slide rules, but for large collections, we can help provide funds for shipping. If you know of, or are, a teacher wishing to demonstrate how slide rules were used to perform calculations, and to improve a students numeracy, ISRM can provide 25 or more matching slide rules at no cost and the slide rules may be kept for as long as one school year. Our only request is that you send digital photos of your class using the slide rules. Pictures of the winners are required. It cost me more than a weeks pay at that time, and I would like to pass it on to my grandson. He laughed when I called it my guessing stick.

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Hoping you can help, bob scott. Found a military slide rule in leather case with US stamped on outside. Do you know when this was used? Copyrighted , still in its original tan leather cover. I understand it was made for the Firestone company. Could anyone offer further information on this instrument?

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  • I have found a number of slide rules in my fathers desk that I know he used for work. I have no clue on how to identify what they are and what projects he used them for. If you could please help me.

    Dear sir , I am a retired chemistry Instrucyor who also taught the slide rule , I have old 16 mm films from around WWII on the slide rule , I also have the old classroom model About 6 feet long ,can you give me any info on them. I have a collection of very special purpose slide rules used to support sales of many industrial and technical products.

    Some of them included conventional math calculator slide rules but most were intended to size or scale the products that were for sale. Are they worth more than the cardboard they are made from. Not sure why I kept them, but why do people collect old paintings from long dead artists? Hello, I came across a slide rule in a house I just moved into.

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    I wonder what year it would have been made and if the slide rule actually matches up with the case and if so, what its value is? It appears to be through web search , the most popular one i find from ….. I appreciate any assistance you can give me. I have 4 slide rules.

    Pickett NES Trig Duplex Slide Rule | National Museum of American History

    Keuffle and Esser Co wooden rule in leather case 2. Pickett Microline plastic with case 3. My dad taught me to use a slide rule and I did all my calculations with it. When I taught freshman chemistry, I had to teach the class to use a slide rule for solution chemistry. We bought a large teaching slide rule. The very next year HP calculator came out.

    No one could afford one, but it spelled the doom for slide rules. Is there any real value, monetary or collectible, to what I am assuming is a teaching slide rule? My father passed away a number of years ago and he had this very large, approximately 5 foot, slide rule stored away. Never seen anything like it in person, only in pictures.

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    When did you start the website? Pickett C Profit Calculator — March 19th, at 3: April 5th, at 3: August 7th, at 2: August 12th, at 6: February 9th, at 7: August 21st, at Thanks, Carter November 2nd, at 1: May 11th, at 2: TOP April 29th, at 3: February 11th, at 5: There are slide rules but, and custom manufactured before , thanks to man, and driveway, bids, there are slide rules over years?

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