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This season's eliminated housemates chose the winning couple by popular vote, which ended up in favor of Trueheart and Peters. But then those two each had to decide. After Kalon and Lindzi leave " Bachelor Pad ," Chris pats himself and the rest of the group on the back for being so special and privileged and something or other. He does have a point -- surviving a "Bachelor" show and then surviving " Bachelor Pad " without contracting herpes or developing a raging drinking problem is quite the achievement. So he obviously was not talking to Ed. The Challenge Harrison drops the bomb that one couple goes home immediately after this challenge, but he doesn't say it's the losers.

He just says the winners have a lot of power, so clearly the winners get to send any couple packing that they choose. The challenge is "Hanging by a Thread" and involves each couple putting one half on a seat suspended above the pool.

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The other half answers trivia questions about "Bachelor" shows. Three wrong answers will send the seat plummeting away, then. Kalon and Lindzi might have been eliminated from Bachelor Pad last week, but it was a surprisingly undramatic exit, right? That means the big topic of conversation in the mansion now is Rachel and Nick - will they survive since they've kind of been thrown together?

And it seems there are some dark glances being thrown Rachel 's way since she considered leaving and all. Actually, Sarah feels bad for Nick: We're about to find out Making a splash Blakeley 's keen to win the challenge to get Chris out of the mansion, but Chris Harrison has a surprise when he shows up to the mansion.

Remember Bachelor Pad 3 Couple Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox? Where Are They Now?

There are no roses up for grabs this time around. The winners will have a lot of power - but here comes another bombshell. The final episode in the house was the biggest one yet.

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This week was different as we held two competitions. The first competition was a huge project. Our crews worked non-stop day and night to quickly build that contraption over the pool. It was a time when grown adults wore skin-tight acid washed jeans, shredded at the knee.

Are Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon Still Dating After Bachelor Pad 3?

We sprayed at least half a can of Aqua Net on our permed bangs to reach maximum height for head banging. The gloves were both fingerless and lace while the t-shirts were dayglow. Mike Fleiss spent roughly 90 minutes of last night's episode paying homage to the greatest decade ever.

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  • Remember Bachelor Pad 3 Couple Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox? Where Are They Now?.
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Sadly, other than Blakeley , the remaining contestants weren't even alive during the '80s to truly appreciate the moment. But that didn't stop them from attempting to be totally awesome to the max. Too bad they all gagged me with a spoon instead. Welcome to week seven of " Bachelor Pad! He arrived at the mansion in a fisherman's shirt. Luckily, it was a perfect. We're down to our final four couples on Bachelor Pad after we were deprived last week of Lindzi and villainy douche-turned-loverboy Kalon.

It's amazing how unlikable and awful the guy was on The Bachelorette compared with how awesome he was on this show. I guess his lying tendencies were much better suited to a competition for money instead of love. The ironic part is that he didn't win any money, but he found love! Ahhh the joys of reality television.

This episode promises a sexy pool dangle my guess is that's an Ed specialty , a quick elimination they show us three couples preparing for the second challenge, so it's pretty easy to figure out who gets kicked off first -- Thanks ABC! Talk about a random band to make a reality show appearance.

Let's get to it! One of the things I love about this show is the different emotions and opinions it brings out in our fans.

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One thing is for sure, and that is Rachel is not happy that Michael is gone, especially now as the contestants are partnered up all the way to the very end. The good news for Rachel is that her new partner Nick I had no idea he was on this season,. It's still Chris and Sarah versus the rest of the " Bachelor Pad " house, while Ed turns out to be the skanky d-bag we all thought we was and Rachel is "a widow," which Post Rose Ceremony Rachel 's having a total meltdown, like she can't date Michael when the show is over in like two weeks.

Um, if you are so weak that you worry how you'll survive in this stupid game without him for two weeks, then you don't deserve a guy like Michael Stagliano.

July 6th: Kalon and Lindzi Meet on the Set of Bachelor Pad

Get a rein on your horses, lady. Nick partners up with Rachel , as Harrison tells them they are playing officially as partners from here on out, which is pretty much exactly what they've been doing so far. Challenge Day An actual school bus takes them to a spelling bee, which honestly. In a surprise twist clearly designed to keep woman-hating ogre Chris in the competition, the rules were changed, with every contestant voting to eliminate one woman.

Once again this episode starts with the fallout from the last elimination. Germain , the Rose family gathered for a special BP watch party to help raise funds for the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation , an organization dedicated to providing free reconstructive surgery for cancer patients. It turns out that rhythmic gymnastics is not Rose's strong suit, an unfortunate reality that earned her last place in the challenge. Luckily, when twins Erica and Brittany fail to reconcile their differences and voluntarily leave the show , the women's elimination round is canceled and Rose is safe, crystal gavel and all.

I asked if she would return to the small screen for yet another season of Bachelor Pad. Best Chinese Restaurants for Christmas. Where to Eat on Christmas Day. By Stephanie Allmon Merry. Bursting at the seams. This Week's Hot Headlines. Texas Made Texas Modern.

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