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This event sounds pretty awesome. Fire Uni seems too weak. Last edited by felixng ; , I think the water uni sounds good. Increasing the proc rate of main slot gear can be huge. Lol I thought it was giving us concentrate mage ability for 40 seconds my bad. I figured that's what you were thinking, lol. Berserk mode seems extremely powerful.

New Evangelion Film Teased

Prepare for that to be spammed in rgb xD. Her stats are even higher than a 30 cost monster too! And the best part? She can be picked with any stat combination you want.


Although, it says she's a ranking reward Bet it's gonna be ridiculous like top or something of whatever that ranking is. Also, don't forget that the UR Collab monsters at 28 cost barely have less stats than a 30 cost monster. This means they're viable for PvP scenarios too. Can Unit miss though? Seems odd to have a 4-hit Uni that doesn't have accuracy specified Concentrate and Berserk are strong, but they only affect the caster of the monster.

At least, when I see the words "to self" and not "all allies Those unisons are going to be really op.

Hitting the Jackpot at Evangelion Pachinko [8/26/2014]

If everyone is using the same one berserk or concentrate it seems like your team would become somewhat godly. Chaz If you try to use a Concentrate or Berserk-only Uni, you still miss out on a ton of useful buffs. LaconicLeaf I see what you're saying. I'm really looking forward to this event.

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That is great xD. Want to see how much I spam BRR in chat. I think I crashed some of their phones.

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  • Ranked matchmaking evangelion.
  • And when typing it up, I took up the maximum amount of characters you can enter. See, this is what happens when that one guy spams Hisoka too much.. Originally posted by LaconicLeaf View Post.


    Managed to get into the Top Total Points rankings in Mobius last time, but in the collab, it's gonna be much different since it's gonna be available as an Event Quest. Not to mention the keys that lead to getting more Fame Points. Is the matchmaking random like Mobius, or can pre-made parties be made?

    Top is hard but doable. So people in top will get both? I don't quite understand. Posted in Gallery Brunettes Asking a women to travel introduced to was even better to them and you. Give feedback Click here to cancel reply. Ranked matchmaking evangelion wallpaper Ranked matchmaking evangelion wallpaper. Copyright kak ya stal russkom online dating.

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