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Generally, the bill on the crankbait lure allows it to die to a pre-defined depth, allowing anglers to work a particular column within the water. Many crankbaits come with additional features such as trailing hooks and rattlers. A spinner is a type of jib with a blade that turns, pulling the lure through the water. Spinners and spoons are usually made of metal and either wobble or spin through the water in the same way as real fish and a spinner is a bit of a hybrid between crankbaits and spoons.

Often, these lures feature a large single hook which is covered by some form of trailing material as well as a metal blade which spins in the water as the lure is being retrieved. These lures generally cause vibrations which can induce a fish to strike. Look for a V-shaped spinning lure. These make more vibrations, which may be more effective in attracting fish.

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Plugs are made of wood or plastic and work in a number of ways, skimming along the surface of the water, trailing in mid-water, or by trolling deep along the bottom. It's a versatile and very useful variety of lure to add to any angler's collection. If you're fishing at night, look for a lighted version of this lure. Learn to walk the dog. One of the most useful and effective lure techniques is called "walking the dog," because it resembles the type of wrist motion you might have while taking Rover for a stroll. For this technique, you'll use a surface lure with a weighted rear end. Cast your lure and point the rod tip toward the water at a 45 degree angle.

Move the rod tip downward to a 90 degree angle in a jerking motion. Reel up the slack in the line, then jerk the line again. Move the rod slowly at first, and then gradually increase the speed to copy the movement of a bait fish swimming away.

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Use a lure to mimic the behavior of the bait fish. Mimicry is one of the most advanced lure techniques for experienced fishermen to use. It's a subtle and sophisticated way of catching fish that requires the use of two pop lures or plugs for the best effect.

Tie one lure behind the other on a monofilament leader and cast your lure out deep. Move the tip of the rod in a twitching motion, varying the speed in multi-directions, attempting to mimic the behavior of live fish. Use your wrist to keep the line relatively taut, jerking the lure around and varying your movements. Use a surface or topwater lure to imitate the behaviors of an injured or otherwise vulnerable bit of prey. If fish are hesitant, using this technique can get even cautious fish to start biting. After you cast, leave the lure still in the water until the ripples go away, pausing and counting to 10 before you make a movement.

Move the rod tip, causing the lure to move in place very gently, then remain still for another brief period. Repeat brief movement of the rod tip, moving the lure in place. The movements should look erratic and sinking, but easy to catch. Use a crank bait or a diving plug lure to learn to drop your lure deeper into the water if you want to get into the deep territory where the bigger fish usually remain. Cast your lure and let it remain still while the line starts to sink. Do nothing for several seconds, then slowly start to work the lure beneath the surface by making short retrieval reels, then letting it sink back down.

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Floating lures, like crank bait or diving plugs, require constant reeling so that they'll stay under the water. Otherwise, they may just float on the surface of the water. Learn to rip the surface. Use a surface lure to skip your lure across the surface to mimic the behavior of a flying insect or some other kind of prey.

This can be especially useful in catching sunfish or other shallow-water freshwater fish. After casting, keep your line still until the ripples in the water go away, then sweep your rod down to the surface of the water.

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Use the sweeping motion either slowly or quickly depending on the assertiveness of the fish. Nothing could be easier on a lazy fishing day than trolling behind your boat with a spoon, plug or spinner lure. It's also extremely effective, mimicking the behavior of a traveling bait fish, minding its own business and covering a great amount of ground. All you've got to do to troll a lure is cast behind a moving boat and wind the line in slowly as you move.

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Generally, you'll want to use the trolling motor and go extremely slowly. Another way to do is to let the lure sink down to the desired depth. Don't reel in the line as the boat drives forward.

This will keep it at the right depth. Fishing is a lot like chess, a game of quiet movements and subtlety, not herky-jerky nonsense. Most beginners jerk the line around too much. It's important to reel in very slowly, using calm and gentle movements on the line.

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If you're not catching anything, start with slow movements and then gradually quicken your movements. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Ideal for both artificial and natural bait presentations. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by John B Outdoors. Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser. Other Sellers on Amazon.

Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: Be the first to review this item. Customers also shopped for. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Acme Kastmaster Lure with Flash Tape. Big Bite Baits 3. Terms and conditions apply. It is the only shaky head ever created that comes equipped with two titanium wire legs, which work in conjunction with its flat bottom football head to ensure it stays upright in any type of environment.

While most shaky heads have problems standing up, this innovative design keeps your favorite soft plastic bait vertical, so it is more visible to the fish. It also allows them to engulf the entire lure correctly, which ultimately increases the amount of strikes and fish you will land throughout the day. Great around grass, wood and rocks, the Sure Hook Up Shaky Head is also outfitted with a recessed line-tie to help protect your knot from abrasions and a hardened plastic bait keeper holds your soft plastic trailer secure and locked into place as well.

Available in multiple sizes, the Perfection Lures Sure Hook Up Shaky Head is an absolute game changer when it comes to finesse fishing shaky heads. So I used these for the first time a few days ago. Not even really sure where I got them. I think they were given to me but I gotta say at first they seemed more gimmicky than anything but after first use they're now my favorite Shakey Head!

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You get excellent hookups and they keep your bait standing straight up on the bottom. Caught 3 fish biggest being 3lbs and it was a perfect hookset right in the roof of the mouth every time. The only complaint I have is after a few snags or a few hard fighting fish the legs will break. But even after that keep fishing them just like a normal Shakey head without a problem! Only thing that would make them better would be if the legs were stronger and they had a screw lock.

Definitely gonna be in my box from here on out. First I would like to say the concept is great.

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I also think the titanium arms look like little feet so you don't have to worry about the extra hardware looking unnatural. My only con is that they snap off extremely easy. Be careful while rigging and just pray they don't break after the first fish.